Feb. 24th, 2014

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I have pretty much only been able to balance a couple of new shows this season. We don't have cable and I honestly don't have time to watch like I used to, so Hulu plus and Netflix streaming is it.

However, I have been in love with Almost Human. I think (other than the obvious ROBOTS WITH HUMAN SOULS AND WHAT MAKES A PERSON AND OMG ALL THE THINGS AND MICHAEL EALY) what gets me about this show is how it is very, very procedural, while also having some interesting (if not particularly ground breaking) sci-fi conversations. There's a lot to pick apart. And a lot of it is because of the actors and Urban and Ealy being genuinely fabulous at their job. And some of it is that show writers are playing with interesting concepts.

Also Mindy Project. I know the show can kind of be problematic, but to be honest, I relate to Mindy and am really, really happy with this professionally successful, internet loving, food eating person that Kaling is playing. I feel like so often we see "girlish" as weak and Mindy Project kind of puts that on its head, by having her be successful and competent. Moreover, I do like that they changed direction early on with Danny and that their friendship grew really organically and we got to see what they like in each other and how they fit.


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