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A few weeks ago, I ordered Leverage season 4 from Amazon (or I thought from Amazon) it was one of those midnight buys that you don't pay much attention to, because it is literally the first one that pops up when you search "leverage season 4" on amazon.

Cue to my first clue that I did not buy from Amazon: I get an email from some random who says that he wants to make everything good and if I can just call/email him before leaving him anything less than 5 stars. I thought, "Ok, well as long as it's the dvds, we should be fine."

Today the DVDs arrived and unless TNT has really, really lowered their standards in terms of packaging/photos these are NOT legal copies. Don't get me wrong, they're good bootlegs, but one look at the cover makes it really clear that it's a photo copy of the actual cover.

You can see that is' pretty pixalated, the black isn't real black.


All of them look white, not caucasian, but WHITE. Including Hardison.

Of course, I immediately called Amazon, got a refund sticker and such, but now there's another question.

Do I leave a one star with the note that he sold a bootleg copy? Or do I just leave it alone? Do I call the guy and tell him he sold me a bootleg?

I should clarify, this was sold at market rate. This was sold as the Amazon copy - the only one I can see when I look at the main TV & DVD page.


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