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Spent the whole day catching up on minor to do items and also playing video games with the boy. Read two trades that I'd rented from the library forever ago and realized that I'm definitely not the same comic reader I was as a kid.

This book was surprisingly inaccessible for someone who'd never read a WW comic before. I thought that since it was the re-launch and it was a Volume 1, I would be able to jump in, but while I understood the gist of it, there was also a lot I didn't get and a lot of question marks.

Most of that was due to "and then magic!!" which I get from a storytelling perspective, because it's a neat way to avoid "As you know, Bob" story-explanations, but from a readers perspective made the whole thing really confusing. The end seemed to be blinding Hera, but for what purpose? How did Hades' candles help? Why did Diana agree to this? How is she planning to free her mother/sisters?

The thing was, the plot itself left me with such a foul taste in my mouth that I almost didn't care by the end.

Hera's insane, murderous jealousy is one of my least favorite things about Greek mythology, and here the whole plot is that Zeus knocked up a random girl (literally we know almost nothing about her by the end - just that she lost her parents? Not even how she met Zeus? Or what she does for a living?) and now Hera wants to kill her and her unborn.

And also Hera wants Zeus's throne? Again, like I said, confusing. (I would have bought all the books ever if the whole plot had been Hera trying to wrestle Zeus' throne from Hades and Poseidon, but no, it's just about Hera being jealous and petty)

So, the whole book is kind of dated and has a lot of women hating other women because of petty reasons. Instead of hating Zeus, the dude that is cheating/manipulating women.

This books was at once MUCH more accessible and also AMAZINGLY entertaining. I literally was laughing in delight through most of it. The plot so far is fabulous and also women! talking to other women!

Women! Doing things!

World building that is explained and accessible!

I want to read the rest of it RIGHT THIS SECOND.
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