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Title: Echoes of a War
Author: girl_wonder
Fandom: Batman (Nolanverse)

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this story.

Summary: She doesn't ask.

A/N: Major spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises. A huge, huge thanks to [personal profile] musesfool for the beta read. Any errors are mine.

She doesn’t ask. )
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Anyone have time for a quick beta of a Nolan-verse Batman fic?
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FLIST! I am looking for a drama as wonderful as Coffee Prince, Stars Falling from Heaven, or Nodame Cantabile. RECS, PLEASE!
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There's all these pictures of Lena Headey and I think she's evil? (Per the tumblr tags???) And all I want is that Game of Throns is a secret Sarah Connor Chronicles sequel where they go back in tiiiiiiiiiiime.

But, honestly, I have no understanding of Game of Thrones besides Tumblr, and I'm pretty sure that gives me a skewed and inaccurate understanding of the show.
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Well, flist? Opinions on the Dan Harmon/Community news? I find tumblr to be a place of increasingly scary tinhattery.
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I am so habitual about checking Tumblr, but it's spoiler HEAVEN there, so I can't until I see the new Communtites. :(
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So, my feelings about The Social Network are mixed in that I see the attraction to woobie fic, but I truly believe it's a movie about a sociopath and we don't really need to glorify that. (Which is to say, the portrayal of Mark in the movie is a sociopath, I have no feelings on who he actually is)

But I am actually truly annoyed that real life has gotten in the way of me liking the only character I liked in that movie. It is a dick, dick, dick move to renounce your American citizenship just to get out of paying millions in taxes that you'll owe the US.

Common Law

May. 12th, 2012 12:09 pm
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... so did anyone else watch it?

I've never seen a show so blatantly market to fandom in both ads and actual program. There's not a single scene where we are supposed to see them as anything other than a couple. It was... kind of bizarre? Not SPN bizarre (f-you, Kripke!) but more like, "Can I ship something that's so... obvious?"
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I haven't thought about the Hunger Games in a very long time, because I still wanted it to go:

Book 1
Book 2: Katniss is a mentor and has to work the Capitol while at the same time realizing there's an uprising coming
Book 3: Katniss leads the rebellion

And then someone wrote ficlets of Katniss as a mentor!

the one where the reaps aren't prim

The one where it is Gale and, shit, that would have been a book
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OMG. Eou Chan is like the most awkward EVER at essentially telling her boyfriend she wants to hook up before she LEAVES FOR TWO YEARS.
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I know it will not happen )

... why, yes, I have only watched up through episode 13. Spoilers will get you STABBED WITH A FORK.
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How did I not know that "not actually pretending to be a boy, but mistaken for one, and so then has to pretend to be one" is a genre??????? I have not consumed Oren High School Host Club and am halfway through Coffee Prince.

What was my life LIKE before J-Dramas and K-Dramas?
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