Fringe 4x02

Oct. 2nd, 2011 09:16 am
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Last night I finally watched Fringe 4x02 with mom, which was hilarious because she's never watched Fringe before, but I love it and she's open to liking it. However, having to explain 3 seasons of plot and world building is kind of hard. I really don't know how new people would start watching this show.

Mom: What is she talking about?

Me: Well, last season, the other Olivia-

Mom: Which is the other Olivia?

Me: Uh, so the blonde is our Olivia like from our universe. And the redhead is from the other universe. So, she, the blonde, went to the other universe to rescue Peter - that guy I told you about who doesn't exist any more - and when she was there, she tried to get help from the redhead, but they fought and the redhead took her place in our universe. And she went around looking for a piece of a machine. At the same time, the blonde was brainwashed and she thought she was going crazy. So, the redhead finds a piece of a machine that the other universe is going to use to kill our universe and then she crossed back into her universe. At the same time, the blonde crossed back into our universe. And then they had a machine to destroy the universe.

Mom: The other universe.

Me: No, the other universe wanted to destroy our universe, but now that there's a bridge - well, uh, the two universes were colliding and they'd destroy each other, and so now that there's a bridge, they aren't destroying each other any more.

I think this reflects more on my inability to distill 3 seasons of plot down to its essence rather than my mom's ability to watch tv.

*claps hands* Episode 2!!
Spoilers are from the alternate universe. And more meta than spoilers. )


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